Spring 2019 Newsletter




It’s Spring here in the Rogue Valley and time to make plans for the year.  First we will look at our annual luncheon; hopefully everyone is making plans to attend.

At the luncheon this year we will be honoring the “50 years since High School” students from the class of 1969.  We also will be honoring the classes of 1959 and 1949 for 60 and 70 years since High School.

If you have a class reunion coming up, please let us know! We would love to include it on our calendar and help you in any way we can. Visit our alumni portal here.

Saturday Luncheon at the Rogue Valley Manor

This year, as in the last few years, the luncheon will be held at the Rogue Valley Manor at 1200 Mira Mar Ave. in Medford.  The date will be June 29, 2019.  The cost will remain the same at $25. per person. 

Be sure to send your reservation in before June 19 as that is when we need to send in our final count of attendees.  No luncheon tickets can be sold at the door.

On June 29th, the day will start at 10:00 AM with coffee, tea, and time for a lot of visiting with old friends and classmates.  At 12:00 noon, our president Sharla will call everyone together and we will enjoy a buffet lunch.  I am sure it will be as good as usual.

Following lunch, Sharla will begin our meeting by introducing the board members.  We will then hear the minutes of last years luncheon and our current treasurers report.

During the meeting there will an opportunity for our honored classmates to take the microphone and tell us what has been happening in their lives since they left high school.  It is always interesting to hear the varying directions everyone’s life has taken them.

As in years past, there will be a get together held on Friday evening (June 28) at the Centennial Golf Course at 1900 North Phoenix Road.  This is an informal event and will start at 5:00 PM.  We meet in the large  canopy outside where the view is beautiful and the air fresh and clean, usually with a breeze. There will be food and drinks available.  As last year, there will be hamburgers, hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, fruit salad, and cookies available for $15.00.  There will also be a no-host bar available.  There is no need to sign up ahead of time, just show up and enjoy the evening with classmates and friends.  Purchasing dinner is optional.

Friday Evening Meet & Greet at Centennial Golf Course

Now a catch-up on what’s been happening since our last newsletter.  Last December was the second auction fundraiser.  We had a great time and made over $20,000.00 to help with the scholarship fund.  We had a silent auction, live auction, and Olive Garden spaghetti dinner.  All the items auctioned and most of the dinner was donated by local businesses and many many friends of the PHS Alumni Scholarship Association.  Some of the items that were auctioned even came from out of town.  The farthest away came from Texas.  Aleta Logan Bartlett (class of 1966) sent a beautiful quilt she made and donated. 


This year’s events include the get-together and luncheon as well as many other fun things. 

On May 18, there will be a City Wide Yard Sale put on by the Leadership class, which we support.

On October 9 we will participate in the Homecoming Parade.  Let us know if you want to participate in this.

On October 11 at 4 PM we will have an Alumni Tailgate Party.  We will have an open grill so bring your favorite meat to grill and a side dish to share.

On October 11 at 7 PM (following the tail gate party) will be the Homecoming game.  The Alumni Association will have a special place to sit in the bleachers.  

On October 31, the Alumni Association will participate in the Halloween Carnival hosted by the Leadership class.  This will include a cupcake walk.

December 7 is the day for our third annual Scholarship Auction.  The doors will open at 5 PM with a silent auction and Olive Garden dinner.  The live auction will begin at 7 PM.  Pre table sales will reserve your table.  There are 36 tables at $100 each.  For anyone wishing to come and cannot purchase a whole table, or if you have questions, contact one of the board members for all the details.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could help every student that wanted a higher education get one?

We currently have 6 students who receive 4-year scholarships of $1,500.00 each and 2 students who receive a one-year scholarship of $500.00 each..  We are growing but it doesn’t come without a lot of work. 

The Alumni Association is looking for anyone who would like to be part of this up and coming group.  

Your $7.00 yearly dues go a long way to help with the operating costs.

Contributing doesn’t always mean “with money”.  If anyone has any free time they could spare and would like to help, please let us know.  There are LOTS of varying jobs you could do (large and small) without even being in Southern Oregon; currently our Treasurer lives in Portland and our Directory editor lives in Texas.  Anyone interested, please contact any board members. 

If anyone has anything they would like to donate for the auction in December please contact a Board member.

We are still looking for someone interested in being our Historian.. This includes maintaining the scrapbooks and pictures. 

We also need a Grant writer; this might help us to do more fund raisers and make more money for our students.

Let us know if you are interested.

Our schoolmates no longer with us include: Bob Hurd (1954); Ken Tycksen (1965); Dorothy Keene Claflin (1948); Scott White (.1993);  Beth Wade Detwiler (1949); Lloyd “Nick” Nikodym (1949); Elizabeth “Betty” Epperson Keene (1946); Robert “Bob” Carr (1949); Matt Zoll (1991);  Jim Walker.   Not all these people passed away this year, it is just a list of the people we have heard about since our fall newsletter.  If anyone knows of someone we have missed please let us know.


To keep in touch with the PHS Alumni Scholarship Association check out our webpage and follow us on Facebook and join our email list via the form below.

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6 thoughts on “Spring 2019 Newsletter

  1. when will we be receiving our paper to fill out about attending the reunion. I will be leaving herein two weeks and I need to fill it out before leaving. I will be attending the reunion. Nedra (Harris) Facey


    1. Hi Nedra! At the bottom of this post is a printable version of the Luncheon RSVP. Feel free to fill out the Contact Us form if you need any additional assistance. It is the last tab on the right at the top of the website.
      -Celine Farrimond, Alumni Board Member


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