Spring 2021 Newsletter


Time again for another newsletter (well past time). Hopefully this finds everyone healthy, happy and virus free. Due to the Covid 19, like everyone else, we have had to cancel all of our plans for last year as well as most of this year but we still need a newsletter update.

Below is a picture of the new High School. Different huh? For those of you that have not been able to see the new school, I will give you a little information about it. The new build-ing sits south of the old school directly across the street from the cemetery. You can see in the picture, on the right side is the gym and theater. They will both be remodeled. The new school is beautiful and state of the art.

Here is our new stadium.  Wow, how different.  It is located behind the school approximately where it was.  The Alumni Association made a donation to the stadium and we will be included on the honor plaque.

For those of you who do not know the names of the current scholarship recipients, some are four year and some are one year:

For those of you who do not know the names of the current scholarship recipients, some are four year and some are one year:

Troy Altunel—four year                                                Jesus Ledezma— four year

Amna Hoorain  –  four year                                          Kassidy Hood  –  four year

Savannah Lyon  –  one year                                          Alexa Marcias Montoya  –  one year

Hannah MacLennen  –  one year                                  Aldo Meza  –  one year

Brandon Morrison  –  one year

PHS Alumni Scholarship Board:

Sharla Mankins Draheim-Connell – President – 541-890-1289 – sdfoxy@gmail.com                      Nancy Day Olson-Jones – Vice President – 541-944-2397 – nancyolson@charter.net

Darlene Flagg Ditsworth – Treasurer – 503-330-3278 – gmapapa5@gmail.com               

Julie Hague-Gray – Secretary – 541-261-7896- jhaguegray@yahoo.com

Julie Brabbin Sparks – Scholarship Director – 541-944-5003 – gmafarks@gmail.com      

Janie Chisum Moore – Fundraising Chair – 541-941-6013 – janiemoore62@gmail.com

Linda Gleim Rombach – Directory Chair – 541-301-5791 – 4sunnyriver@gmail.com

Dorothy Cotton – Newsletter/Legal – 541-261-5118 – dorothy@mind.net                                      Doug McGeary – Historian – 541-778-3350 – doug@douglasmmcgeary.com                             Othar Richey – Past President – 541-840-5221 – richeyothar@yahoo.com

If anyone knows of someone with a new address and may not be receiving our newsletter, please let us know.  Please contact any of the board members with the information or drop us a note by mail ( P.O. Box 638, Phoenix, OR 975354).

Classmates that have passed away since the last newsletter: Carol Anderson (63); Carolyn Anderson (64); Lewis Bertrand (teacher); James Blount (73); Helen Brisco (40); Doreen Feeler Burnette (55T); Lloyd Campbell (65), Agnes Chirgwin (teacher); Harold Compton (school board); Patricia Arnold Commins (66); Bob Dawson (66),  Gary Denzer (49); David Dudley (64); Evelyn Ferns (47); Stan Ferns (48); Marvin Frazier (59); Michael Graham (66); Dale Haggard(58);Bob Hearn (48); Mike Hills (70); Gloria Bannister Houston (44); Shirley Kannasto (teacher); John Lucas (80); Helen Marris (71); Janice Hawkins Mason (67); William Matthews (03); Carol McCay (teacher); Jill Bang-Knudsen Morrison (59); Wanda Norton (50); Naomi Parton (48); George  Quinowski (teacher); Patrick Reichstein (88); Brad Richey (90); Charles Roberts Sr. (school board); Rick Rose (75); Cathy Maloney Saunders (81); Richard Seymour (62); Bonnie Steenhuis Sweeny (65); Fred Swingle (64); Lisa Anderson Thorp (83); Dieter Trost (55); Marjorie Vroman (42); Alice Weaver Wooten (teacher).   If you know of any other classmates we have lost during the last year, please let us know.

As most of you already know the PHS Alumni Scholarship Association Board, has not been able to hold any of our Fund-Raising events since February 2020. This includes our Friday night Meet and Greet, Annual Luncheon, Homecoming Week, and our Annual Scholarship Auction. The Board made the difficult decision to cancel group events, hoping to keep our Community, Alumni, and our loyal supporters safe and healthy during this pandemic mak-ing it a top priority.

We are disappointed that we are unable to hold Fund Raising events to raise money for our Scholarship program, but we know it is the right decision based on the information we have today regarding the COVID-19 virus.

The Board has voted to continue to support our scholarship recipients through this difficult time and now more than ever, we THANK YOU for your continued generous donations and support which allows us to help these deserving PHS students reach their education goals. In addition, this year, we have been selected to administer donated funds for a specific Scholarship for deserving Seniors that were displaced by the recent fires. Our Fire Relief Scholarship Award will have a separate form to complete for consideration of these “Fire Relief Scholarship” funds. Your donations can be earmarked as “Fire Relief Scholar-ship” or our general fund for “Scholarships.”

If you would like to support the Scholarship or Fire Relief program through donations in lieu of the Annual Fund Raiser events, or simply wish to donate, that would be greatly appreciated more than ever. We currently support nine (9) PHS Students in their educational goals. In the past, we achieved this through our fundraising events and your generous donations. Please send donations to the following address:
PHS Alumni Scholarship Association
PO Box 638
Phoenix, OR 97535

Please check your email, mail, or visit our Facebook page (Phoenix High School Alumni Scholarship Association) or website (www.phoenixtalentalum.com) as we will provide up-dates for anticipated 2021-2022 events as Oregon opens its doors to large group gatherings. We are still hoping we can hold the following events:

Homecoming, Parade, Tailgate Party and Homecoming Game. – October 2021
4th Annual Alumni Auction – December 4, 2021
Directory Update – We were getting ready to distribute the 2020 update but due to the recent Valley fires we have put this off in efforts to get additional updates of those that were displaced. Hopefully, look for the new Alumni Directory in 2022. All proceeds from the Alumni Directory go to the Scholarship Fund. If you need to change your address contact a Board Member.

If you are interested in volunteering on events or would like to be a part of our Alumni Board, we would love to have your support and input. Please contact a Board member and join our team.
Again, thank you for your support and we hope to see you at an event in 2021 -2022.

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