About Us

In February 1975, Twila Rader Marceau and Kathryn Stancliffe invited several former alumni of PHS to a meeting at Twila’s home in Rogue River. The purpose was to see how others felt about organizing an alumni association. It began with classes from the teens through 1935.

That June, the first reunion was held at the PHS cafeteria with the ladies of the Phoenix Presbyterian Church serving the wonderful dinner. The turnout was great! The group was organized at that time and elected Twila Rader Marceau as the President, Marjorie Caster Brooks as the Treasurer, Ella Grover Adkins as Secretary, and Kathryn Stancliffe as Publicity Director. The dues required were $1 per year.

In 1979, the first scholarship program began. The Alumni Association started a grant-in-aid fund to help a graduate of PHS attend Southern Oregon State College. A grant of $200 was given the first year. Through the years tuition has increased, and our grants have increased as well. Scholarship funds are available to each recipient for a maximum of 4 years as long as progress towards a degree is made and the student is in good academic standing.

In 1981, alumni through 1945 were included in a reunion. It was held for several years at Southern Oregon State College (now SOU) in the latter part of June. Anyone who attended PHS from the teens through 1945 was eligible for membership.

In 1987, the classes through 1950 were included. In 1993, it was voted to include the classes through 1959 as it was the next year (1960) that Phoenix and Talent High Schools consolidated. It was decided that the class of 1960 would also be included. Since then, our membership has opened to all past students.

Following the 1st Annual Auction in December of 2017, the Association’s ability to give out scholarships greatly increased. The Auction was expected to bring in about $7 thousand dollars, but thanks to the generosity of donors and attendees, we were able to raise $24 thousand dollars. Our 2nd Annual Auction was also a great success and we were looking forward to hosting our 3rd Annual Auction December 7th, 2019!  But due to COVID-19 we were unable to do so.  Now we are hoping group gatherings will be allowed so we can hold our 2021 Auction.

In 2018, the Association’s board voted to open scholarships to all Oregon schools, with consideration given to vocational schools, community college and universities. Schools outside of Oregon will also be considered, especially when a student is planning to attend an institution with a specialized program not available in Oregon.

Past Presidents (Term beginning July 1):

  • Twila Radar Marceau (1975-77)
  • Clarence Hunter (1977-79)
  • Roscoe Owens (1979-81)
  • Edna Briscoe Bauman (1981-82)
  • Kathryn Dietrich Stancliffe (1983-85)
  • Elaine Higinbotham (1985-87
  • Barbara Stancliffe Isaacs (1987-89
  • Clorin Moore (1989-91)
  • Dorothy Keene Claflin (1991-93)
  • Lenora Scrivner Coffman (1993-95)
  • Harold Schmelzer (1995-97)
  • Otto Caster (1997-99)
  • Gary Denzer (1999-2001)
  • Cecil Claflin (2001-03)
  • Rick Nagel (2003-05)
  • Otis Blankenship (2005-07)
  • Roger Puhl (2007-09)
  • David Barlow (2009-11)
  • Larry Murphy (2011-2013)
  • Othar Ritchie (2013-2015)
  • Sharla Draheim-Connell (Current)