Scholarship Recipients

The Phoenix High School Alumni Scholarship Association provides funds to deserving students who are attending college. Each year, depending on the amount of money we raise through fundraising activities, we provide scholarships to individuals who are graduating from Phoenix High School to continue their education at an accredited educational institution. Currently we are providing a four-year $1500 scholarship to four students, and a one-year $500 scholarship to five students.
-Julie Brabbin Sparks, Scholarship Chair

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Current Recipients:

Troy Atunel (2017-21)

Jesus Ledezma (2017-21)

Amna Hoorain (2018-22)

       Kassidy Hood (2019-2023)

Alexa Masrcias Montoya (2020)

Aldo Meza (2020)

       Savannah Lyon (2020)

Hannah Mac-Lennen (2020)

Brandon Morrison (2020)

Past Recipients:

Laura Case (1980-83)                                       Candence Rochlen  (2018)

Julie Dodson (1984-85)                                    Andrea Orozco  (2018)

Teri Cramer (1985-90)                                      Ruby Peral (2019)

Terra Richards (1989-90)                                  Kade Beer (2019)

G. Betty Lopez (1990-91)                                  Julissa Villasenor (2019)

Brett Sauer (1990-91)

Claudia Hensen (1991-92)

Greg Harris (1993-94)

Zach Moody (1994-95)

Travis Matsdorf (1995-96)

Jennifer Haines (1996-2000)

Jenny Autry (1997-99)

Holly Freeman (2000-04)

David Acord (2000-01)

Brian Kenyon (2003-07)

Heidi Dillemuth (2003-07)

Rayleen Gardner (2004-08)

Tamara Richey (2007-11)

Elie Robicheau (2007-11)

Ben Holden-Hunkins (2008-12)

Justin Bohn (2012-

Isabelle Romig (2012-

Holly Pointer (2012-

Maria Mena (2015-19)

Cedrus King (2016-20)

Miguel Ceron (2016-20)

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